Full Stack Training Master Program

A Full Stack Developer is an expert who can work on the Full Stack of an application meaning Front End Technology, Back End Development Languages, Database, Server, API and Version Controlling Systems. Hence, the name “Full Stack” Developer. Full stack developer translates user requirements into the overall architecture and implement the new systems. A Full-Stack Developer doesn't necessarily master all technologies. However, the professional is expected to work on the client as well as server sides and understand what is going on when developing an application. He or she should have a genuine interest in all software technologies.

Why do you need a Full-Stack Developer?

Here are some prominent reasons why you should hire a full stack development professional:

  • 1. Full stack developer helps you to keep every part of the system running smoothly.

  • 2. Full stack developer can provide help to everyone in the team and greatly reduce the time and technical costs of team communication.

  • 3. If one person plays different roles, it saves your company's personnel, infrastructure and operational cost.

Skill sets required to become a Full Stack Developer

1. Front-end technology

Full stack developer should be master of essential front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. Knowledge of third-party libraries like jQuery, LESS, Angular and React JS is desirable

2. Development Languages

Full stack engineer should know at least one server-side programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, .Net etc.

3. Database and cachey

Knowledge of various DBMS technology is another important need of full stack developer. MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer are widely used for this purpose. Knowledge of caching mechanisms like varnish, Memcached, Redis is a plus.

4. Basic design ability

In order to become a successful full stack developer, the knowledge of designing is also recommended. Moreover, the person should know the principle of basic prototype design and UI /UX design.

5. Server

Exposure to handling Apache or nginx servers is desirable. A good background in Linux helps tremendously in administering servers.

6. Version control system (VCS)

A version control system allows full stack developers to keep track of all the changes made in the codebase. The knowledge of Git helps full stack developers to understand how to get the latest code, update parts of the code, make changes in other developer's code without breaking things.

7. Working with API (REST & SOAP):

Knowledge of web services or API is also important for full stack developers. Knowledge of creations and consumption of REST and SOAP services is desirable.

What does a Full Stack Developer do?

As a full stack developer, you may be involved in following activities:

  • 1. Translate user requirements into the overall architecture and implementation of new systems.

  • 2. Manage Project and coordinate with the Client.

  • 3. Write backend code in Ruby, Python, Java, PHP languages.

  • 4. Writing optimized front end code HTML and JavaScript.

  • 5. Understand, create and debug database related queries.

  • 6. Create test code to validate the applicaition against client requirement.

  • 7. Monitor the performance of web applications & infrastructure.

  • 8. Troubleshooting web application with a fast and accurate a resolution.

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